Friday, April 29, 2011

Cam Newton #1

Whether you agree or not, Cam Newton was the number 1 pick in last nights NFL Draft.

The QB out of Auburn was taken by The Carolina Panthers and became the 11th of 14 first overall picks to be a QB.

Question now is, what will be of Newton's career?

A lot of people don't think Cam can call plays in the huddle and call him in accurate. Some people like to look at his frame and built and think of what he can become with proper grooming. I say he can be as good as Ben Roethlisberger if he becomes more accurate. I don't think the claim that he can't call plays in the huddle is a big concern seeing as a lot of teams, like The New England Patriots, have easy termed play calling.

Cam Newton will be as good as he lets himself be. If he gets on the field with his wide outs, which at this point don't look that appeasing, and practice his accuracy he will be fine.

My only question is, will he be the Panthers starting QB come opening day ... if it ever comes.

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