Wednesday, April 27, 2011

By Ear: Madame Monochrome FreEp- Amanda Diva

Peace And Blessings,

As an avid music listener I come across music from far and wide of all different genres. But if there is one genre that does it for me or would be considered my favorite it would most definitely be Neo-Soul. The artistry, the beats, the vibes, and most importantly the message Neo- Soul typically brings to the listeners ear is of substance, and value if you really give it a listen. I typically hold Neo-Soul Artists to a higher standard and regard to this because this genre takes raw skill, and poetic poise.
I recently received a legitimate drop from non other than the beautiful multitalented Amanda Diva. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, the songstress, rapper, radio personality, and extremely talented poet does it all. With appearances on Vh1 as well as Def Poets, this young woman is definitely on her grind making it known that she is the definition of a “Jack Of All Trades”.
The recent drop is a soulful, calm set of tracks, which puts her array of verbal skills and depth on the forefront. Not only can she sing ever so gracefully, but displays an array of clever wordplay to make it known that she can “spit”. Her lyrical content is of true Neo Soul, Poetic Fashion. I personally enjoyed the sound and was not surprised to find out that she was actually a replacement for a member of the Duo Floetry at one point. That in its self should say enough but heres a tidbit of the talented young lady. The potential and raw talent is there and cant wait to enjoy more work from Ms. Amanda Diva.

By Ear @St8ofmines

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