Friday, November 13, 2009

What's Good?
Need I say more?

Breezy has been going through some scrutiny and honestly he should have a mature well-imaged African American male to interview him instead of woman who were battered.
Chris Brown-Sing Like me

Rihanna is real cheesy for her latest appearance in the media. All this time has went passes and as soon as her album approaches it's date she wants to do an interview. sad promotions.
Rihanna- Cold Case Love

Drake is going nuts on the industry. I hope and pray that he doesn't fall under like Papoose.
Colin Munroe is a beast.
Drake feat. Colin Munroe- RunWay Girl
Drake- Scriptures

Sigel was the name that they gave me. Beans is going off with 50. Jay just call the man.
Beanie Sigel feat. 50 cent- Going Off

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