Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pensar (Boyfriend #2)

What's Good?
I had a small convo with someone until they fell asleep on me LOL. What if you got comfortable in your relationship until you actually blew off your significant other? How would you feel if your negligence made enough space between y' all to where someone else fit right in. If your actually seeing someone, I know that feeling you just got in your chest. I will officially post this as a PSA. Please do not get comfortable because at this age we are at there is no such thing as a "stable relationship". People known to prey on vulnerable people are out there waiting for "their chance" they say.

This plays both ways. Having that person on the side sometimes can be justified. I don't condone cheating but sometimes that person on the side allows you to play on your conscience to see what you are truly losing or where you need to be. After time its human to not like someone as much as you used to. The beginning phase is always the best because affection is just flourishing all over the place. Then suddenly time will take it's place to where you become comfortable to where you become lazy. Time moves along and then some guy says the right thing that reminds her of you. When Girls approach Guy's who they know t are in relationships they usually have a motive which is always not impurely for feelings (sorry ladies just calling it like it is). People I say that to say this...please do not get lazy if so give yourself time to see what you want. Dudes Get on your A game because it's not about what you say, It's about what you do because if you slow down ...ya man's will probably be doing all the things you used to do. ( even giving her a reson to smile in the morning..Wink!) Ladies this apply to yall too! HA
Trust take my advice on this i was def that guy that was the rebound who end up staying in the game. It ended opposite of what I expected she ended up going back with dude and told me" it was fun while it lasted." I was so blown and heartbroken. It came back around to me, leaving me to shed tears over the fall of a Boyfriend #2 and still being it was fn while it lasted. how ironic. Now i play the gentleman role being that perfect guy to the best of my ability. I may always end up last but no trophy can ever become equivelant to having a happy woman who is side peice-free.

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