Friday, June 4, 2010

Pensar: Summer Love...

What's Good?
Summer time is officially here despite the fact that it starts June 21st. This is the best time of the year for everybody. So many memories are born as each fun-filled day comes to past. College students live for this season the most because their opportunities are limitless when involving the true elements of the 'Lifestyle'.
Music has always evolved the lifestyle status of all kinds of people and no matter what genre it was ,somehow it was affected. Hip-Hop has always been my passion since we first met on June 21st 1995 when I moved to Brooklyn. Being around the music helped me to everything I am. Now fifteen years later music has changed in so many ways. Now music is making its way back with some artist who influences are similar to when it first started. If you appreciate the music then you will accept  all of its elements that create the lifestyle of its nature. Photography and film will build a more vivid memory of what can happen. The fashion which always recycles itself as the seasons come full circle can always manipulate how you are feeling. My summer days will always consist of camo's ,kicks and tee's. I hate dressing up! Love can always emerge while immersing yourself in these activities. The music will complete you which is the soul of it all. Finding the right song to play as your day to day soundtrack will find you.....


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