Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Statz Music Update:

Some tunes 4 u:
Chris Brown is on way back with the music game. I think he can pull his career out of the gutter... Lil Wayne is on the track with him so I suppose the game might not be against him.


To be honest one of the last people I would think to collab with Devin the Dude is Brandy lol... But they pulled it off, and it still has the funny vibe Devin gives on every track... Check it out

Wale keeps giving music until his album.. Attention Defecit drops on October 20th go cop!!!

John Forte is out of jail after his 10 yr sentence...Don't know him?? The other part of the fugees besides Wyclef and Lauryn Hill... Yupp and he is on his way back to music..

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