Friday, October 2, 2009

When They Reminisce Over You (Jav's Pic)

What's Good?
This is for my real hip-hop heads. Tuesday I spent sometime reminiscing with some good friends of mine. I'am completely jealous of because they got to experience Hip-Hop at its most genuine form. "Today if you ask some kids who is K-Solo is they would look at you like you was crazy". Most people of my generation don't know who Biggie REALLY was. It's so depressing. Well I guess that sucks for them. The true essence of hip-hop gave you this feeling that is completely unexplainable. Not just hip-hop but all music that came out during the 90's (early to mid). I dedicate this post to everyone in "THE ROOM"

Jay-Z -In My Lifetime (Remix)
ifeTime(original Future flavors version)

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