Sunday, September 20, 2009

Statz Music Update:

First of all please go cop this ALBUM!!!
Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon

Hyyerr ft. Chip The Ripper - Kid Cudi

Also, check out this new artist out of ATL Donnis... And NO its not dance music, and NO he isn't the ATL stereotype artist. This is off of his mixtape with 10 deep... 10 deep always puts out quality mixtapes so go get it.

U already know I support Wiz Khalifa...One of the greatest young artists hitting the scene...
Playaz Circle is back with a song that might get recognized without having lil wayne on the hook. These dudes have been around for a while and still workin hard...The beat is hardddd
Rich Boy is quietly one of the best song makers out of the south.. with production from Polow The Don again after again...Here is another new track from Rich Boy.

Well Last but not least Listen out for D. King who is still on our "new artist" radar. The Bidding War will be released for free download Nov. 5th
D.King- Looky Here

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