Friday, September 25, 2009

Un- Appreciated

What's Good?
Have ever seen a film that left you inspired. America has been the most flawed country. Now remember when I say flawed, I mean flawed as a people and not constitutionally. Spike Lee has over and over again shown that true image of America in his films. How many spike films have you seen? I really love his work and I feel he should step from the camera and actually say what his films can't. America has shown a great un-appreciation of what has been silence for many year. Let's speak on racism. Spike Lee has shown through many of his films that racism is biggest concealed "disease" in America. I look at it as a cut and people that try fix it are just putting band-aids on it instead of stitching it together. I encouraged every person who watch this blog to watch Miracle at St. Anna. This Movie makes me so upset of how America used to be. Thank you spike for keeping it real. America Let's not forget so that it wont happen again, But let's rebuild so that we can build or future. God Bless.

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