Sunday, September 6, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
I know everyone is getting ready for labor day and the vibe this weekend is purely reggae, But Im'a do it my way. Here go some Hip-Hop and R&B for you guys. Things are gonna get way better now that the school year is here. Shout out to Les B founder of Swindle season.

Drake once again seem to prove himself to everyone who ask "will he ever run out of material?".
This song is pretty in depth about the worry and problems of being where he is.
Drake- Fear

This is one of Cudi's Dopest track in my opinion. The Martian shed a little light on his personal life, which allows his fans to vibe with him on another level. G.O.O.D. music finally has some talent (rapper wise) that can make a name for themselves because Kanye and Common cant do it alone.
Kid Cudi- Soundtrack 2 My Life

I guess Brandy is coming back but not too sure. For the The Last Year Brandy has been releasing music with no follow-up. Hopefully she will steadily follow through with material for her fans.
Brandy- Bet You Didn't Know

So...What can I say about this gentleman. I feel sorry for Omarion because of label situation hopefully everything will work out properly.
Omarion- Kinkos

Loso is about to lock the game down by his next album. Loso's way is a very good album. Here goes a track that didn't make it.
Fabolous- Never Let it Go

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