Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Since I'm 21 here are some quick views of mine at 21

1. Currently Listening to Kid Cudi Album - Man On the Moon
2.Is Kanye really that Ignorant? or does he just not give a Fu**?
3.One of my Theme songs : Curren$y - Modern Day Hippie
4.I think air drying after a shower is better than using a towel...Gives u time to just chill and think.
5.There are no sports fights better than Baseball fights...The whole team gets involved everyyyy time...what's realer than that??
6. Why did diddy start a group with 2 women called Dirty Money? and why is he singing?
7. Why is everyone a rapper now?
8.ummm TV shows...U must watch Entourage, True Blood, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, ESPN and 24... some great shows...F TV otherwise...
9. 1 movie.... City of God
10.I'm eating NY pizza right now and it's probably the best pizza I have ever had...
11. Favorite Album ever 2 this point is Lil Wayne - The Carter
12.Favorite Mixtape ever 2 this point is A Kid Named Cudi by Kid Cudi
13.Ummm J. Cole, Wale, Kid Cudi, Drake, Curren$y, Blu(if he returns from wherever he is) are the future of Hip-Hop.
14. I have never seen anybody rep where they are from harder than BROOKLYN.
15. NYC is great but there is nothing like the DMV...DC MD VA
16. Go to College...It makes you smarter...Not even because of what you learn in class...but because of the environment and the experience..
17.Friendship is Essential to the Soul
18. Trust Some, Fear None
19.Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground
20. The age of 19 and 20 were possibly the craziest years of my life...never reget them at all..
21. Light Up!

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