Monday, September 21, 2009

Pensar (What Do You Want vs. What's Real)

What's Good?
As Sunday comes to a rest for most people, The thoughts of life and where we belong strikes until sleep overwhelms us. Well for those insomniacs here go some to think about....
Relationships will always be one of the base thoughts of human nature. It is of every Human's biological make-up to have the desire to be paired. To care for someone on a companionship level will always be on the check list of life. Our peers will always lie and say they are just trying to focus on life but deep down they are in denial like an addict hiding their feeling to their addiction. The main reason why people are single is because their lack of being satisfied or their in-ability to chose the proper companion. I will share some views on why people are alone.

When people still live a social environment they always look for the "approval factor". This is the fault of when people always look for their Friends approval of someone of their liking. Should you honestly let your friends decide what your liking is because on the female side of the dilemma your friend can actually like the dude so much too...well you know the rest. Males you are not innocent neither. Men are just as guilty for this as well because a dude can actually like a girl and once he brings his friend around the bird starts to sing. whatever the bird sings that is negative can actually make him change his mind. I can attest to that because it happen to me.
What you want in a person in perfect standings can never be attained. The chance are 1-100 (Good Luck). "Mr. or Ms. perfect" is dead and "Mr. or Ms. Good" is dying but you can always get "Mr. or Ms. we can work out anything Together" in means of saying no one is perfect. Always remember relationships are for the two people to build or create and not three, four, five or how many other people to assist in doing so.
"The real" is all around you. always notice that people who build love on their own always seem to be happy although things may not be perfect. So "givemorelove" and remember that chances are just chances you can always give a chance. *Learn to fall*
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Brittany said...

This was written very real. I mean well. lol