Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
I know its madd soon but as long as the music keep flowing, I'll keep supplying you! This line-up is pretty different but hey! what can I say. It's summer time and there is nothing to do but blog and B.S. all over ther house until something comes along.

J. Cole is definitely on the come up. I gotta show support for dude because he is alma mater of St. John's plus he's dope. My experience of J. Cole's rap performance was weird because he just ran out on stage at the school's concert and open the show right after hosting the joint. Once again If you're reading this "Good Luck on your journey. ps. and leave those Jay classics alone LOL!"
J.Cole- Dead President II

So... ya' boy Jeremih is back with another single title Raindrops. This song sounds very relative to his first single. I 'll let you be the judge of that.
Jeremih- Raindrops

Well, look who popped back up on the surface. American Idol star Ruben Studdard I guess is making a comeback. I think he departed a little to long but hopefully he will make up for his hiatus. His new single is more designed for his followers but I'm pretty sure the label will bring him up to speed on what the listeners want.
Ruben Studdard- How You Make Me Feel

Murphy Lee hooks up with Day 26 to give you some more heat for the summer.This song is purely for the ladies. I'm happy to see he's back hopefully Murphy's Law won aplply to this album.

Murphy Lee feat. Day 26- Mad at me

Random Guy alert! I only put this song up because its one of those songs you play in the crib to bug out and zone to. I really havent gave it a chance yet but ill be there.
Claude Kelly-Somethings Never Die

I stumbled upon this song on the net but its a preety good song in my opinion. I believe the artist's name is Christopher AAron.
Christopher AAron- I Want Ya'

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