Monday, May 4, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
You know the drill!. Today i really felt like putting up some R&B ...well not all R&B but only one song is a mixture of electronica with house music( Baltimore Club music)

To be completely honest I dont know where this guy came from but he reminds me of DJ Felli Fel....May we say it "one hit wonder DJ" (LMAO). Dont get it twisted though the song is dope.
DJ Class feat. Kanye West & Estelle- Im The Shit

Glen Lewis emerged on the scene from Canada giving listeners a new vibe. His music is phenominal until this day especially with his ground breaking album World Outside My Window. The R&B crooner has returned with a new single showing his fans and new listeners that he didnt loose a step.
Glenn Lewis- Dont Worry

Dawn of Danity Kane has aspired to be a solo artist since her arrival in the girl group. Her wish has been granted now lets see what she has to offer. Now with a single off her solo project she gives her fans the choice of her career.

So every darkskinned girl worst enemy links up with his big / Media whore Ray J with label mate Casha to create a pretty decent track. I'll let you be the judge.
Young Berg Feat. Ray J & Casha- Be my Girl

As You can see this guy has not surfaced as of yet but his music surely has. I guy he will surprise listeners like Drake with his appearance. This song is real good check it from new artist ...Charles Brandon.
Charles Brandon- I Can't

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