Friday, May 1, 2009


What's Good?
I want everyone to Welcome The New Zeta's Of the Outrageous OA chapter of spring '09.
The reason why this specific Line was very important to me Because my beautiful sister Rebecca ZKA"AESA" was part of it. I'm so happy for her. The most God blessing thing of this whole essence is THAT SHE'S A TREY!!! How much better does it Get. Y'all don't know
how good it is too finally have her back but Neo's Stay close to home until they are nurtured with all the necessary things to ROAD TRIP.
Congrats again to
Z.E.U.S. Triads=
1.(Ace) Jayne ZKA "Atremis"
2.(Duece) Candace ZKA "GAIA"
3.(TREY) Rebecca ZKA "AESA"

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