Friday, May 29, 2009

Please Stay Tuned For Our Public Service Announcement.

20 years of experience meeting the challenges
Founded by Andrew Cuomo in 1986 and recognized by the United States Congress as a national model, HELP USA is one of the country's largest builders and operators of service-enriched transitional and low-income permanent housing. HELP USA has 19 residential communities in the New York metropolitan area, and was recruited to expand our successful model in Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Buffalo, Newark and Houston. HELP USA continues to pursue every opportunity to provide service-enriched housing to people in need, with a goal of 200 units of new housing each year. Building on 20 years of experience, HELP USA is prepared to meet the evolving challenges facing homeless populations by the 21st century. Consistent with the changing real estate model for urban landscapes, the future is defined with expectations of "mixed use" projects, combining residential, commercial and public space to encourage social interaction. Jobs, services, affordable housing, and family centers to support the family unit will break the cycle of dependency and enable the homeless to reclaim their lives.

Please Visit and learn more about H.E.L.P. USA and it's programs oppertunities available at WWW.HELPUSA.ORG

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