Sunday, August 22, 2010


What's Good?

          This segment of Pensar will be a little different from the usual. COLLEGE, what a joke. So many promises since childhood of all the pleasures you can have when obtaining higher education. Its been almost four months in completion and many of my fellow graduates have not received a single job offer. Many have applied, sat in interviews and many have yet to hear any good news. Why did all these people tell us to get good grades when those in fact are not helping. This means that I could of went out or stayed home another day after vacation instead being prompt to get that golden 4.0. So many ideas have come across my mind to bring a higher awareness when involving unemployment within my generation. If you graduated class of 2008,2009 and 2010 and still do not have job please email me at .
**If you still own your cap and gown that will be a plus.**

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