Wednesday, August 4, 2010


What's Good?
I don't understand how so many rappers are stealing hand signals from fraternities, groups and collegiate teams. How do people feel about that? Honestly speaking... If a rapper ever thought it was cool to throw my hooks up, I would feel its cool to blackout. Skull Gang and Spitta have created movements signaling all fans to throw up the Alpha hand gesture in symbol of their movement. Now Alpha Phi Alpha has used that hand gesture for decades to where it should be copyrighted and respected enough to the fact that it wouldnt be replicated. Although Curen$y jet symbol is very similar people tend to not spread their fingers wide enough. This is not a joke but people should correct people with knowledge when they tend to replicate things of great history. Now Cam'ron new U.N. symbol is a replication of The U (University of Miami). A sports symbol which lead to be the signaling gesture to recognize alumni to alumni. Now with random fans of Cam's Music throwing up a symbol that belongs to a prestigious University, no one knows who truly belongs. What are yor thoughts?


Phenom said...

Is it truly necessary for these rap artists to have hands gestures?! I question why they do so and what point does it get across to people. Yes at the same time it is wrong for them to "throw up" these signs that originated from and do belong to respected organizations, groups, as well as collegiate teams. But before anyone speaks out about how these rap artists are using these hand gestures to represent themselves or what they do, the question(s) that I feel need to be asked is; Do they know that other organizations, groups, collegiate teams, etc. use the same gestures that they are using? Do they know what the hand gestures mean? On the other hand, if they do know that some other groups use these signs that is just blatant disrespect. At least they can pay homage or give some form of recognition where it is due. So how long will these rap artists continue to disrespect? It started with the exploitation of women now its moving up. But I guess whatever keeps the money rolling in they'll do whatever to keep it that way.
(&& I don't think that these rappers have enough gumption to throw the hooks up.)

Lucky Peters said...

I like your point in agreement with the article. Thank You. If you have any suggestions what you will like to see more let us know!