Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Music Update:

What's Good?
This music industry is fabulously scandalous. The very moment all listeners know the game is to sold and not told music will prosper again. NO MORE CHICKS CHAINS AND RIMS...We need a remission!

J. Cole's career will not flourish in a day but the longevity of his career is certain especially with production talents.. His career decision of not taking the pop route will benefit him. When hip-hop takes its turn to outlawing the all the flash and glitter he will be one of the top names.

I really like this colaboration. Novel is name in music that I have been seeing around and I guess this is his chance. Colin is my dude though.

Curren$y dropped a new track the other day... not on his album but you should definitely go cop that Pilot Talk!!

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