Saturday, August 8, 2009

Max Statz Music Update:

Here are some tracks, I've been putting up a lot of up and coming tracks so I wanted to give some names everybody recognizes aighttttttt
Lil Scrappy is on his come back after a long break. This track still has the lil scrappy vibe to it and has a new feel to it. Ludacris beat the track up too.

Lil Scrappy f. Ludacris - Addicted to Money

Lil Boosie always has good tracks talking bout the ladies and can stay pretty relevant for us 2 relate. The melody sounds familiar lol and Bobby V adds a lil something to it.

Lil Boosie f. Bobby V -Nobody

ummmm... New Lil Wayne lol

Lil Wayne - Million Dollar Baby

Alright I lied lol, I had to give you 1 track from an up and coming rapper:

Im not gonna explain him or the track...just listen with no bais...

XV - The Rabbit Hole

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