Sunday, August 30, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
We are only a few days away from school and the summer has come and gone. I hope I kept your playlist in good order. There will be music updates all the time so don't worry about that. Just keep rocking with the Best. Dear Summer....

D.C. chillin' P.G. chillin', Ya boy Wale teams up with The Ms. Jazmine Sullivan to pay homage to one of the dopest Hip-Hop groups ever.
Wale feat. Jazmine Sulivan- World Tour

Through-out all the drama that has been circulating around the R&B diva , Mariah has seem to stick to the PR side of things and stay quiet. L.A. Reid knows what's best. MiMi presents a new song which is a remake of a 1984 greatest hit by the rock band Foreigner.
Mariah Carey- I want to know Love is

The man on the moon has come back to earth, giving the fans some more music. The Left field rapper has been pretty successful on giving his twist to today's genre of "rap/Hip-Hop".
Kid Cudi- Follow Me

The Jigga-Man has return believe no rumors of a retirement! When you stand as the best , to where a genre of music's fate is your hand you can only do one thing and one thing only PERFORM. You can't front when you think Rap is dead, Jay does provide what is needed.
Jay-Z- Venus vs. Mars

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