Monday, December 22, 2008

I still Got it

What's Good?
well this is a post from my insomniac days! I just felt like posting a rhyme, since rap will always live in me. I still got it! Ask the homie D.King. Oh yea! dont steal my shit...sike go nah for real dont.
check it....
She said she from cop killa queens
I said umm humm
She smiled said oh please/
Days don't be a hater
Cuz u see grass it aint sweet/
But listen ms I'm from the streets/
But never mind that/
I'm fisher days
And girl you a fine catch/
You got ya own
Best believe
I don't mind that/
Come take a ride
Rest ya feet and recline back/
Cuz with this winner/
We go 550 cruising
Picking them chicken dinners/
Girl you cruising for bruising
Ya pockets they abusin/
Till u finally act out/
My offer still on the table
You a fool if you back out/
We cud have these babies
Girl I'm cool wit a packed house/
But easy...
chase your dreams soon
Before you lose
In the trap house/
ms. independant
for ya gucci
i got them stacks out.
and what was i sayin'
i aint cool wit a packed house
i was tippin
that was game
it sound good/but its wack now
i gotta go/
here's my shorty with the bags now

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