Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pensar (Think) [This Is For The Ladies]

Whats good?
Good Afternoon Ladies! Once again I was inspired by all the important woman in my life to write this post. Well this how it started. Ashley and I was having one of our talk the other day and we began to speak about the differences in woman. Can their ever be a perfect gentleman? You know every woman is different in all aspects, so to cater to their needs accordingly will always be rough. During my collegiate years I have about five woman I interact with on a day to day basis. We spend so much time together you would think we are married. All these woman are very different to the extreme extent. If you had a chance to build a man (like the store build-a-bear) list 7 things you would like or if you just would take a pre-made one. Ashley make sure they respond.


Ashley Spinelli said...

Scandalous. I must admit I had to think hard about what 7 things I could possibly use to create my build-a-man. Lol Keeping it simple the following list are the things I prefer most:

1. Intelligent (book smart + common sense smart, open minded and open to new things)
2. Funny (I need something to accompany my bowl of laughs)
3. Creative (Nothing better than a man that can stand on his on imagination as well as broaden our artistic horizons; make em say "uhhhh na na-na-na)
4. Accepting (I'm a [insert state of emotion here] girl, I may take some getting used to. Lol acceptance will open doors for betterment and improvement on both parts. acceptance, understanding, loyalty, all those good things)
5. Cultured/Spiritual (teach me a thing or two about the world and be willing to let me teach you as well) plus a relationship with the Big Guy is mandatory
6. Sexy (I'm gonna keep it real, sexy, fly, mmm, ahh, need I say more? theres a different sexy for different people
7.CLEAN! (nothing better than the smell of "man", no, i'm not talking about dirty, i'm referring to that masculine scent -- neutrogena got it down pact if any fellas wanna head to the store like now. lol

Ashley Spinelli said...

So, at your request, i asked another one of the ladies that you are "married" to besides me lol and a few of her responses were: Driven, Christian, Nice Back, Understanding...i'll be back with more responses soon as i get answers.