Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Josh Days is Back!!!

Whats Good?
You know I been on hiatus for a while. People are always wanting to know your next move especially in 13th grade(college). I took a break because somethings just weren't right with-in myself. There was so much i was looking for when the whole time i never needed it. Yo woman can be a major distraction sometimes. All the things you pursue in order to get them had me in a blur. The hype of being the Man has been my down-fall even though i never asked for it. People say its all on how you carry yourself. This has always been my issue since high school i guess there is a higher calling for me to do my "thang". My homie Ash asked me what is swag and why is it a major attribute for people? For those who don't know peep it. Swag is something you are born with you cant force it, nor can you develop it over time. Swag is how you carry yourself in a manipulating way. You can be the ugliest person in the world but if you have swag u can get anyone. Confidence is the key. No matter how much you deny it it will always haunt you because its a part of you. So if you don't have it ,don't force it. Like don't try to hang around stars to get it or go Greek for your recognition because people will still identify you as that person who wasn't worth shit and they have this attribute under their belt they think are somebody when in all reality they aren't. With that being said JOSH DAYS back! so fuck it say what you gonna say do what u gonna do. as far anyone "tryna" assassinate my character...its not happening,I'm invincible. Write your post on juicy campus and st. johns gossip. Gracia's

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Ashley Spinelli said...

Yes it has been a minute. It's amazing how AIM conversations can birth some philosophical life re-evaluations. lol only for the good...seems like everyone is assuming an alter-ego nowadays to only forget the person they left, but sooner or later they'll have to return to the real them. i'll never forget your reasoning for taking on such a surname. Welcome back Mr. Josh (these are my) Days...[scandalous]