Sunday, December 28, 2008

Finishing Last!!!

Whats Good?
How is everyone doing during the countdown to the New Year? I hope everyone got their 2009 priorities straight. Do you mind if I spill out for a second? Well fuck it its my blog so I'll write whatever I want.(Get used to it). I want to know what the fuck is wrong with these dumb-ass B^+@#35 of today. I've seen some of the best men around get shitted on! What is wrong with you bitter woman? Personally I'm content in every situation, but some of the dudes I know are seriously frustrated and it frustrates me that as hard as I try I can't help them. This is your question... If you woman swear to God that there are no good men why do you get scared or feel that the dude doesn't fit your credentials. When you want something you have to make a sacrifice especially if your dumb-ass keep chasing all handsome guys and keep getting your heart broke. Happiness have cost are you willing to pay the price? Stop listening and waiting for approval from your friends because at the end of the day they are all miserable and why should you let someone tell you when to be happy.So stop being shallow and get with the program ladies. That very gentleman that you walk past everyday can be your wish in disguise.Until the day Long live the DOG......Roo


firstlady10 said...

Nice entry. I have a few disagreements. Girls dont really listen to what thier friends say as much as you think they do. They ask their friends advice but at the end of the day they do what they want to do. Also I dont think its shallow if a girl doesnt feel comfortable being in public with a boy she may not find attractive. Attraction is a huge part of a relationship. Honestly. Lastly, calling girls bitter is a bit harsh. Dont confuse being careful or smart as being bitter. There is certainly an in between, between being naive and being bitter. When you find that in between you will be okay. Most girls are in that in between.It is fair and smart to approach a boy as you would approach a court case, guilty until proven innocent. So stop wining and start proven girls wrong. k. luv ya bro

Lucky Peters said...

Your absolutely wrong, But im good money. But its not fair how the female mind works and how the whole world has to accept it. I really feel woman of today are very shallow and bitter because they can't grow the fuck up and let their past be their past. Just remember every dog can be tamed but every dog is created from a bitch ...think about that (it has a double standard. but hey like I said im good.