Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My New Artist Bid

Whats Good?
Yo listen people. I been saying for some time now(almost a year) that Drake is going to be the premier artist of Hip-Hop. This man has not let me down yet. His slow toned delivery leaves you to understand everything. The man has been certified by many people and now he has my bid. Drake for New artist of the Year!!! I might as well say this now, there is someone up and coming that i have heard and seen some of his shows. Dash Dollars will a name that will strike many years come the top of the year. Here a track from Drake courtesy of I really feel this is how Kanye should have used that beat because that auto- tune shit didn't cut. I understand that you have reached an influential stand point in your career but you you cant feed your fans bullshit R&B on your own time. Bring that shit I bumped in my car for damn near 6 to seven months. Here goes Drake off the Say You Will beat.

Drake- Say whats real


MONAE. said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH I love Drake! He was HOTT before everyone jumped on this Drake - Weezy Bandwagon, and he's still hot now. I'm glad he's finally getting his shine because he's a very talented dude.

RE: To Kanye
His album is pretty decent. At first, I thought it was going to be garbage because of the excessive auto-tune usage but after listening to the album it seems pretty balanced out. I wish he would've did more of the traditional Kanye but he's all up on his emo smhit so whatever.

MACK said...

it's funny because back when drake wasnt drake, he was still only known as wheelchair jimmy...i started listening to his music and i knew then. i got shitted on for that but alas, revenge will be mine (and his). funny how it took weezy before ppl hopped on. ah, oh well. whatever it takes right? i'm an avid drake supporter before and after. oh and dash dollar, ive seen a few shows of his too.