Saturday, December 13, 2008

We Have to Do Better?

Whats Good?
I'm not a big fan of television but there has been some very offensive commercials. Targeting the urban culture which by majority is the African American and the Latino community for advertisement has gone too far. Advertising has found its way to manipulate the minority community by feeding people garbage making them feel that if you use this product you are cool. I may seem a little old but I clearly remember when cigarettes and malt liquor was heavily promoted where I grew up. On every billboard there was a Newport ad or Old English ad displaying young adults drinking and smoking having a grand ol' time. There was never an ad with a positive message that told you to live in an opposite life.They place the most offensive product in stores for my generation.Remember Homeboy and Home girl potato chips....OMG that was the worst blow ever but did they see the real message to that NO! Well since my campus is the worst damn campus socially I have found myself to take a liking to television. All I see is garbage and lately this is what I have seen ..... Mercy on the Black and Latino people who are socially irresponsible for participating in these acts...I guess they were house Ni**as in their past lives!

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