Sunday, December 14, 2008


Whats Good?
Real talk people I really fell off the face of the earth. I look back alot at the time today and asked what if I was still rapping ( Yes I was a rapper). I didn't stop because I got a rude awakening cause i was really good but working in the industry really made me depressed about how business was conducted with the bosses. I swear Like its so true, like A&R's lose sight of whats real because they are too busy living as stars when in all reality they are supposed to be seeking and developing raw talent into stars. Clear as day i remember spending days with Dash developing our game. Learning and grinding with Jameelah Ricks up at Def Jam. Now I see people like Dash, Web and Teyana growing in the industry. I remember listening to Teyana in Jameelah's Office and saying she could be big but Def Jam is gonna front on her and pushing Dash's talent and day in and day out fronting from all these wack-ass A&R's who never did their jobs(Now they are all unemployed). Damn I wonder sometimes how it would be if I didn't go to college and finish pursuing a Music career
Well I was Blogging and hear what teyana is actually up to and her music sounds real good on that mid 90's flow which is the kind of music that doesnt disappear like most fads of music. Dash is always Grinding- Good Luck! Yall time is very soon.

U make me feel - Teyana Taylor

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MONAE. said...

I like that Teyana song. Her voice sounds trained now.