Friday, December 5, 2008

Every Urban Kid's Fetish!!!!!!!!!

Whats Good?
well I did some surfing from my Christmas list for the #2 thing out of three that makes me happy. I'll tell the three later, but number 2 is Sneakers. Every kid from the hood is raised with a deadly fascination with sneakers. I don't know how to explain it but getting a fresh pair of kicks makes me glow. When growing up there were many kicks I couldn't get because Mom Dukes had more kids than the show Family Matters. These are some of the kicks I have to get because I didn't have them growing up. Just in case you were still wondering what's the three things on the list well here it goes.
#1. Money
#2. Sneakers
#3. Sex (Good sex w/a Female*) *-for y'all dudes that be playing the homo shit
Check the Kicks at:


MONAE. said...

lol your such a guy

Lucky Peters said...

sorry...the list goes to ten but those are my top 3