Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pensar (think)

Whats Good?

I have been listening to music all day and I have come across some songs that have made me think. Jazmine Sullivan is one of the best up and coming songstress of today's R&B era. She has been writing more than singing the past four years of her career. Lions, Tigers and Bears is her most compelling song and her new self-titled album. Listening to this song makes me think about the casualties of Friendship and love. Have you ever been so close to some one of the opposite sex you nearly fell in love with them? The major issue with that kind of friendship is very dangerous because if you express yourself and the other person does not agree(maybe out of fear) everything you built up for all those years can be compromised. The chances of your friendship lasting on the same note it was on is very slim.....very slim. Jazmine's song spoke about her not being scared of anything but loving her friend and since she knows that loving a friend can be dangerous she would rather keep her feeling to herself. Is it really fair to hold back knowing that your very perfect match is under your nose. To actually have a friend before your feelings begin to kick in is the best kinda of relationship.... Trust I would know.

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MONAE. said...

I love that song.

idk I think I'm going to have to side with Jasmine. In some cases I think its better to say nothing at all then to be rejected.

Lucky Peters said...

I still feel though sometimes you can tell through guys behavior that they are really feeling you. remember we are not that social.

Smclane said...

I love this song...

Its real. Most people fear to find true love. Not to mention the fact that even though you may love someone, it doesn't mean you and that person is meant to be... my own personal testimony,
i guess