Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is It Over?

Whats good?
I'm really concerned with all this ignorance. If you didnt know about the Ransom and Joe Budden Beef well let me get you up to speed. Lately Joey and Ransom have been beefin 'beyond rap. Dumb ass DJ Vladd interviewed Dumb-ass Ransom allowing Ransom to amp up all the internet soldiers. This interview sparked a response from Joey which was dumb to even stoop down because you put your foot in his ass on the Rap scene. Joey approaches the man, they did what they did.This led opposition to seek out an equalizer which brought innocent people into it. This video was the smartest thing this man could of done by deading the beef because at the end of the day if any man end dead the other man is going to jail. Stupid asses the FEDS is always watching. Ransom, as far as the tape you dont get points because it wasnt your hands that touch that man. It wasnt boss move neither because a boss will always lay his knuckle game down the only time goons get involved is when them thangs gotta come out, just speaking from an East New York point of view.So back to our regularly scheduled program!

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