Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year's

What's Good?
Hey people, we have so much to be thankful for. We have lost so many people this year and gained so many people we can be pleased to say that they are our friends. I' am personally gracious to have everyone in my life and I thank you guys for contributing to all scenario's you played a part in. I have patched some friendships before the year came to an end because honestly I really appreciate you. Roje thanks for your steady loyalty its dearly a blessing to have you as a LB and a best Friend. Dash and David I'm so happy we are all friends again because we still have mission ahead of us. To my two LB's Lenny and Lin there isn't much to say you dig Y'all my LB's we seen each other lives in a short time as 12 weeks. Mark Bunz shit my nigga our friendship is on the rise ...LUTV. Dre aka Bobby James you are part of my drive i reflect on your struggle and say shit can get ugly at anytime in Life so please be Thankful for everything. Green you'll always be my lil brother don't forget that. To all my D.C. peoples AAAYYYY my extended love goes out to y'all sometimes i feel like I should of been raised in D.C. just without the Nike Boots. Rebecca, Lil sis from another thanks for just being there when i needed that real advice (I'm Focus)lol. Shanique Ahh man where do I start shit you help me with everything shit i don't think i would be alot of places without you. Sweet you know I had to put you up here. Our friendship have seen so many levels and I really feel i needed you in my '09 or something would have not been rite. I don't know if you feel the same but fuck it I'll put my foot forward first. Rob My nigga i wish you the best of luck in all your endeavour. Donnie my dude big business is at the top just keep climbing. Sorry If you didn't get a few sentences but some mentionable people at least gotta be mentioned....BIG WILL,Sean Kay,Trey Eight-O,Chip, My Jersey Girls(Tiff,ASH and krissy) and yes last but not least GodFrey you made the list my nigga!
Special Thanks to Ms. Smith for inspiring me to the blog world! (Dont get hype)

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