Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Recession is here!!!

Whats Good?
We are truly in a recession People! Remember when people were more than happy to hire college students for seasonal jobs. Now in today's time You'll be lucky if someone even hires you to work period. I understand to the fullest when i was told that college is the safest place to be during these times because if you get a job it will be very unstable keeping it. So people if you are looking to find employment after college please intern because it is the safest way to build a strong relationship with any company you plan on working for. Students who major in Public Relations please feel free to write your email in the comment or personally send a message to my profile.


MONAE. said...

that's funny because my next post was going to reflect on our recession. I should know about it because it's hitting me HARD

Beautylicious said...

I am experiencing this first hand, I'm still fresh outta graduation and am feeling this recession hard body, if you are unemployed look to intern because those that are midlevel and executive are searching for jobs anywhere. Every major company is laying off their workers and its going to get worse before it gets better. Unless you are in the medical/health industry you better pull out some serious shots to get a job because its just not happening!
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