Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pensar ( The Diddy Conspiracy)

What's Good?
Everybody knows I always acknowledge all aspects of music and something fell upon me. Diddy has been The Mogul of the music period. Well Russell set the trend but Diddy globalized and marketed it. Now in the industry with so many accolades under his belt Diddy is looking to reign again as Hip-Hop's leading man. What I've noticed in the past few months is that Diddy is rebuilding his legacy through his 1995 blueprint. If you haven't noticed , Diddy is placing some of Hip-Hop's front runners in the place of his 1997 Bad Boy roster that went missing. Peep game...Have you noticed  that Diddy is treating Ross like BIG? Running around the music industry insulting Biggies legacy saying that Ross is the new BIG. Using his mogul image in all of Ross' Appearances to popularize the Miami native. His next artist is Nicki Minaj who is soon to step out as Kim,well not Kim but surely consume her image. Minaj may not be the best lyricist but she can get help just like Kim did. All the provocative clothing with raunchy but sexy attitude has become Minaj's image.
Now beefing with Lil Kim the media will make sure that Minaj stands on top and put Kim's memory to past in the eyes of the young generation who didn't experience the first Bad Boy era. Dirty Money is obviously Total. Which you can see now because its Diddy and Dirty Money. Once these two vocally talented woman place themselves in the musical gap when it opens Diddy will push them down the ears of every undecided listener. More acts will come soon but peep game while its formulating. He will rebuild his empire but without all the failing acts he invested in over ten years ago.

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