Sunday, January 30, 2011


A season that has had so many high points and low points just landed on Cloud 9 for now. St. Johns with the huge upset over #3 Duke Blue Devils today at MSG has got to be the story of the year to say the least and all the credit in the world has to be given to Coach Steve Lavin for what he has done with this group of players.

"Miracle at Madison" is what I phrased it before the game began but the way The Johnnies played it didn't look like a miracle. It looked like they damn well deserved it.

"Even if we showed up and competed, we may not have won." is what Coach K had to say about the Johnnies after the game.

Justin Burrell said about the win over Duke, "It's a great win but it's only one." And rightfully said. SJU faces Rutgers, UCLA and UConn in there next three match ups and from what we witnessed tonight, there should be no reason they can't sweep.

Special thanks to @JonRothstein for quotes provided.

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