Monday, January 17, 2011


There are two teams that are only deserving of being talked about this post season. The Green Bay Packers and The New York Jets.

The Packers defeated Mike Vick and The Eagles, then went on to dismantle the Atlanta Falcons and now look like favorites to make it all the way to the Super Bowl.

The New Jets took down Peyton Manning and the Colts then took out Tom Brady and the Patriots and are one win away from reaching the Super Bowl, just like last year.

As a New Yorker I am proud of the Jets. Lot of people will say "they need to stop talking...They are unprofessional...They are too cocky." and most of these people are fans of teams that didn't make the playoffs or teams that got beat by the Jets in the playoffs. What people need to understand is that you can the Jets need to stop this and that but they WON'T. So please, keep your childish cries in a tissue or sleeve cause this isn't flag football.

And this man right here, Bart Scott, means business each and everyday. Take a listen.

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