Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Music Update: Birthday Boy (Mixtape) -Cam Major

What's Good?
Cam Major has surely been paying his dues to one day get his turn to sit at the table. Cam releases his next project 'Birthday Boy' to allow his fans to get closer and to make another doubter a believer.

Shout Out To FastLife

1. All of the Birthdays(Prelude)
2. Playoff 13s
3. Word Around Town
4. The Detour
5. In The Evening
6. The W
7. Gimme All Jordans
8. Re-Dedication(Interlude)
9. Eat Your Heart Out
10. Being Single Is Hardwork
11. Side Chick
12. Hustle Hard feat. Cyro Haze
13. You Think You Know
14. Lost in Tonight(Outro)
Bonus- Carmelo feat. Sir Ming
Bonus- Thoughts(Snippet)
Bonus- Make It Rain(Remix)


Anonymous said...

This CD is da bomb! I am a fan for life

Anonymous said...

This boy belongs on the Music Majors