Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NCAA Pay Players?

I've been hearing that NCAA wants to pay players now because they need money to get around. That is a load of garbage. The NCAA wants to pay players so that they can stop having to deal with all the problems that come when a player gets payed by outside sources like we have seen over and over again happen.

I have friends who are student-athletes so I'm not being biased here. I have no problem with these guys getting a free education to play a sport but I am against them making money off it. Here's why.

In today's modern University there is the three major sports; Baseball, Basketball and Football as well as Soccer and Lacrosse, etc. There are 32 baseball players, 52 football players, 15 basketball players and 20 soccer players (roughly) now take that and multiply it by 200k (which is close to the average tuition now a days). That's 2,380,000$ dollars not including housing, meals, clothes, apparel, traveling, hotels and such.

People will say that the school makes money off these kids and such but no they aren't because they aren't allowed to put players names on jerseys and sell them. Yes fans will buy University sporting gear but not because a certain players name is on it.

Schools need to also fund itself, pay teachers, workers and coaches who bring assistants along with them.

Jobs are being lost everyday in now a days economy and the NCAA wants to pay players most of which are one and done even though they already get a free education and all that other stuff.

Lets get real people, it is called STUDENT-athlete. Not athlete. They are AMATEURS not professionals. They get what is NECESSARY not what is wanted.

People will say "well why don't they just get jobs" well here's the thing. Between classes, practice, workout sessions and studying to keep their average up so they are eligible to play that is hard but again, they are given everything they need.

It's funny cause the people I see agreeing are the same people that are going to hate the kid when he goes professional cause he'll make in one year more then they make in their life...

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