Monday, November 8, 2010

Dallas Scars

Not the most creative title but you get the point. A team that was suppose to be a Super Bowl contender is looking like a Super Bust. The Dallas Cowboys are 1-7 after getting mollywhooped ( Definition: When a grown man beats another grown man as if he were a girl under the age of 10. Getting mollywhopped is not a regular beatdown, but a beating where the victim is so physically or mentally incapable of fighting back they go down like a little female dog) by Green Bay last night 45-7.

Today Wade Phillips, the mastermind behind this embarrassment was fired and Jason Garrett the Offensive Coordinator has taken over as head coach.

The season is about over for the Cowgirls. Nothing more can be done. Honestly, the Buffalo Bills, who are without a win, are more impressive then Dallas at this point.

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