Friday, November 26, 2010

Cam Newton

It seems every year there's a story about an athlete doing something wrong and it always comes out when he's on top of the world. This year's story belongs to Cam Newton. The Quarterback for Auburn is a Heisman candidate and has his team ranked 2nd in the Nation. He was the backup for Tim Tebow, now the Denver Bronco, at Florida but decided his best chance to play was by transferring out. He landed in the grasp of Auburn but reports, as all of you I'm sure already know or can figure, are that he took money to come to the University.

Reports are his dad took the money, not Cam but as Cam is apart of that family he is at fault here too. No real charges have been filed but a lot of speculation looms around this star athlete.

Personally to me it's a shame. If the facts are true and his dad took the money without his acknowledgement it is going to be a tough thing to swallow. I'm proud of the young man though. He could have easily allowed all these things to run through his head and let his game slipped but he didn't. Today he stepped on the field against the 11th ranked Alabama Crimson Tide and was in a DEEP hole to say the least. Down 24-7 after the first half against one of the nations top defenses, Newton took over throwing 3 TD's in the 2nd half (4 total). Cam and his team walked off with a great road victory and Newton still riding his high that he's been on all season.

The media will be the media and as long as Cam knows that no matter what the outcome is, people will look at him no different, he will continue to play great football and not only help his team possibly win the National Title but help himself bear the trophy every college player desires, The Heisman.

We here at Novembers Children are all #TEAMCAMNEWTON. You should be too.

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