Thursday, November 4, 2010


What's Good?
Since elections were complete and the Democratic Party lost the majority of seats in the Senate, many republics have already lashed out. I know I am not a man of politics but when I watch my fair share I become completely sick to my stomach. Our President has put shame to many demographics of people in this very nation he represents. America has become America for it's resilience and hard nosed attitude, so why our President can't reflect that attitude. During Bush's administration the world spoke out and Bush continued to carry out his will. When the republicans Formed their Tea Party, They made so many attempts to deface Obama image. President Obama, my aunt and I speak about you everyday and how you remain to keep your image in the perception of the people as the "Humbled Oppressed Black Man". We voted you into the White House for a reason now its time to put more "GRASS-ROOTED" educated people in your corner for "WAR TIME" strategies. Today on MSNBC  Mitch McConnell spoke out against you. He demanded that you the PRESIDENT come his way or no way. America does not negotiate with TERRORIST because thier plan is to create another tax cut and give the power back to the banks who leased out their space on AMERICA'S SOIL. WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORIST, INTERNALLY OR INTERNATIONALLY. AMERICA SHOULD NOT BE FOR SALE!

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