Friday, November 12, 2010

Pensar: It's ALIVE

What's Good?
Yesterday, Kanye West went under some scrutiny from MSNBC when asked about his statement toward former President George W. Bush. During times of crisis in New Orleans During Hurricane Katrina's fury, West spoke out against the president for his lack of effort to send help. His most controversial statement of that interview was him calling President Bush a "Racist". A couple days ago President Bush spoke out about Kanye's statement and said "That was one of the most disgusting moments of his presidency". MSNBC sat with West to get his feed back on Bush's reaction.

In my belief to this matter, I don't Blame Kanye for his outburst because at the time Bush was one of Americas most unfavored Presidents. So much controversy stood over his Presidency and he didn't make an attempt to speak on any of it. We understand that being a President is the hardest job in the world considering your pay, but when the people who vote you in, needs answers your job is create an answer. As far as Bush being a racist, I would like to believe he is not but he shows no favor to the black community and showed no urgency to help one of Americas most impoverished  African American populated cities. Not to mention that there was a state of emergency...Keyword "Emergency"! When 9/11 struck America, help was available before the smoke cleared. A whole city gets washed away and it took days to respond, not to mention that only African American people were on every media outlet baffled to why there hasn't been any help for the past few days. I commend Kanye for his progressive change in society to make things better. Understanding first hand that the world is changing and that white and black people are becoming one, some people still have it in their hearts that the oppressed should remain oppressed.

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Alex N. said...

The way Lauer played the footage behind Kanye was tired, unoriginal, sensational and just silly. If he wanted to speak about that and Ye's other outbursts regarding social issues and politics, he could have done so without his (successful) attempt to provoke Ye. That was the ultimate provoke an outburst by shoving his other outbursts in his face...only to then use the whole incident to criticize him guess it: outbursts.

Way to live up to media stereotypes.