Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Whats Good?
Yo! Im sorry but I had the urge to tell everyone that I finally made it to wing nite! OMG! Those wings are the best. Anyone who goes becomes a steady "participant" every monday. Lemme tell you the scenario....Every monday at O'neiil's in Queen they have a wing nite, where it is 20 wings for 5 dollars and you can have them in any sauce of your liking. Im'a big dude and I couldn't eat all of them. I basically forced myself to eat those last couple wings. Mark and Jay looked at me and call me a boy because I couldnt hang. Trust me I will mentally prepare next time.....I will not lose. Today was a good day though. I got to shoot around for a second and see how far i need to push myself ..starting as i write this blog that im going to lose 15 pounds by the 21 of January please cheer me because i really need the support.

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