Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pensar (When Fashion Goes too Far)

What's Good?
AAHHH man check this out. This image troubles me very much. I'm wondering how fashion has gone too far. Yeezy is my boy and all but this dude is leaving question marks all over his head. Lately in the media he has said some things that has left all of his fans shaking their heads. I know fashion has taken a 360 to where your clothes is a sense of expression. but DAMN. Every guy looks Happier than the other in this photo. Listen, Man Purses ARE GAY i don't care about any sexual preference of my readers but some things are just not appropriate for a heterosexual male. I'm pretty sure Homosexual males would like to keep their swag to themselves since everyone exiles them in the anyway. Kanye first the horrible album which spoke nothing about this "depressive state" of mind you were in and now this horrible fashion statement you are making.


Ashley said...

That light skin dude from Sa-Ra has always been alittle off

Shea Stylez said...

well idk, that is a little off and completely new. But i mean to each its own. You've gotta give everyone room. I'm one for people standing out and yes theres a limit, but at the same time... its my money...i'll dress how are feel.. i'm not around to impress. And in Kanye's shoes he made it clear. YOU CANT TELL HIM NOTHING NOW>

MONAE. said...

I am soooo jacking you for this post!

Anonymous said...

These dudez took it a lil toooo far