Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pensar (who's To Blame)

What's Good?
Well Listen up to some terrifying news I have received. Ohio state University has put a social moratorium on seven historical African American sororities and fraternities. The university Officials stated that due to prior violent altercations, The University decided to suspend the Org's. The African American Greek lettered org's stood up in unity to resolve this situation bringing light to the truth by explaining that the reported altercation that was posted in a newsletter was absolutely false. The moratorium is now removed. I found this situation very intriguing because of the situation my line brothers and I are facing with keeping the legacy alive by expanding. When the African American Greek lettered organization were restrained with a dilemma they stood up for one another. The Org's at St. John's don't know how to put their differences aside to conquer one task. It's call Greek unity for a reason because when you stand together all your ideals can become reality. So whether or not if they are "Skaters", "CAT" or "Paper" you still have to treat the NHPC like a business. So today I declare that all African American Greek lettered Organizations to build a relationship with every Greek Lettered org..

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Javier said...

I agree son, You got this here Nupe on your side.