Saturday, January 24, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
You already know the deal. Here go some music to add to your playlist.

Chris actually found some time to shake Rihanna off and work in the studio again. This song is pretty good, it reminds me of Just fine from his first self titled LP.
Marques Houston calls upon Mr. I'll make your remix a hit Loso to show how they would do it for you ladies. I guess this song is for you.
Juelz Santana Cruises on the beat. Seem like Skull Gang isn't doing too well so now he has to hit the drawing board and make it work for Juelz again.
Well if it isn't one of our favorite white boys. Justin Timberlake is making a comeback since his last successful album.
Bow Wow goes back to the old ways making the slow jam rap songs. Johnta Austin contributes as usual. I personally wouldn't buy a Bow Wow album but for those who do, I hope he delivers a good one for you guys.

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