Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Portrait Of A Woman

What's Good?
We Honor Tachina Arnold For this post of Portrait of A Woman. She is really beautiful and her face is timeless. She has been around for years and best known for her acting part in the television sitcom Martin as Gina's best friend. I used to be looking at the television when I used to hear how Martin Lawrence say she was ugly. I guess only me and Cole feel the same way. Her resume is pretty deep with many acting performances such as Drillbit Taylor, Preaching to The Choir and UPN sitcom Everybody hates Chris. I know she is probably over the limit but I'll still treat her like a lady.


MONAE. said...

haha I'm watching Martin right now. BTW I like the whole "Portrait of a Woman" thing.

Shea Stylez said...

i understand... but i hope to see some other women that make it up there!