Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are You Black??

Are you Black?
Ask yourself that question..

If your answer is yes, why? What designates you as Black? Because your skin color is brown? or is your answer just I am Black thats what I am?

If you consider yourself black, you are most likely of African Descent. Therefore, if you are in America, you are an African American.
WHY are you called Black is what I am getting at. Why label yourself as Black?
(YES this applies for West Indian descent Too! lol)

We as African Americans were given the distinction as Blacks in times of slavery and inequality. We do have darker skin but we do not have black skin, just as Caucasians do not have white skin. So why were and are we called black?

Click this link to see the definition of black and scroll through all of the definitions past the basic definition: (read all the definitions)
Definition of Black
Now why would you want to be called black?
i.e. look up the definition of white also...

Nevertheless, we recognize ourselves as black and stand strong by empowering what it is to be black. But our culture, lifestyle, soul, love, strength, and wisdom whether African American or black is ours.

Just a thought... nothing more... not preachin'
MaX StatZ,
Dont Be Afraid to look up in the Sky

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Sean A. said...

now this was one of the better posts I have seen in a while...especially during the time surrounding the inauguration.