Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Service To All Mankind

When was the last time you gave back to the community? Financial contributions are nice but actually giving time out of your day is the true blessing. Mainly for my younger years, I gave back to my neighborhood by volunteering my services to make my environment a much more healthy place. H.E.L.P. USA has been the recipient of my service when trying to change the attitude of at risk youth. Now I'm a recipient of their service which they dedicated themselves to do since 1986. I would of never thought after graduating high school that I would attend one of New York's Great universities. H.E.L.P. USA has made that possible for me. I'm now a Junior at St. John's University. One day I will return to H.E.L.P. to keep their vision alive for many more decades. Homelessness and unemployment is rising due to the recession. Many people are losing their lives and H.E.L.P. is trying their best efforts to provide for those who have lost so much during these times. Homelessness not only affect adults, it also affects their children. Children can lose focus in school or not even become social with their peers which is absolutely abnormal for a child. You can make a difference by just volunteering a small portion of your by mentoring a child who is at risk. one a week can make a difference it surely worked for me. Check HELPUSA.ORG and see where you can give back....Every minute counts!

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For Love, Always... said...

I feel this! I personally do give back but there's always room to step your game up. Thanks for posting!