Friday, January 9, 2009

Pensar (All By Yourself)

What's Good?
Damn, I had a real talk session with some real good friends of mine from college. We spoke about some real good things that was nerve pinching. One of my friends (Ms. Janeese Lewis) said I was bitter. It really struck a nerve with me but I loved it because it made me feel like I was almost misunderstood. Listen closely I' am far from bitter and neither am I in denial. Why when '09 is the year of the Lady. LOL! Lets get to the point of this post. Remember how Beyonce help start a revolution of independent woman which evolved into a mosh pit of bitter egotistical women. This woman help lead a rally and left everyone of her followers for dead. Honestly speaking Beyonce made woman have a resentment for men and now she is happy with a man leaving behind a bunch of disgruntle bitches with no guidance. Whoops she sent y'all up shits creek with no paddle. SORRY but, I find this completely hilarious how she now sings about a nigga's halo.

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